Feel Fantastic with Mad Trad from Planxty to the Pogues. Wild Rumpus is a sonic boom of good time Traditional Irish party music from fiddler Deborah Clark Colón and guitarist Karl Clark Colón of Changeling with drum and percussion wizard Bobby Douglas of the Coffee Zombies and Wizard Walk. From blistering tunes to roaring songs, you’ll party down from Kaboom to Aaaaaah and leave with a smile that will outlast the Monday Blues.

Charleston-based quartet ContraForce may be deeply rooted in traditional folk music and the contra dance scene, but when it comes to composing and recording their own tunes, they certainly don’t shy away from musical experimentation.

Fiddler Andrae Raffield, Percussionish/handpan/saxophonist Joey Dorwart, guitarist Jimi “Two Nails” Peirano, and Vocalist Karin Mcquade have collaborated on old standards and new originals, working in and around the Celtic and Appalachian folk styles normally featured at contra dances. Karin McQuade has been an enchanting vocal element, joining a few years after the band formed.