Seth Tepfer

Seth Tepfer is “Atlanta’s Dance Magician,” calling dances for adults and children like you’ve never seen before. Known for his infectious energy, his short walk-thru’s, and his ‘hash-contras’, Seth’s warm enthusiasm is contagious, and gets everyone moving, smiling, and having a great time. Whether squares, contras, or other folk dances, you can be certain that all involved – novices and experienced dancers alike – will amble away happy and eager to dance more!

Emily Rainbowface Abel

Emily “Rainbowface” Abel has been calling contra dances since 2013 and continues to call dances all over the north and southeastern United States. Her energy and enthusiasm bring an upbeat, fun feel to an evening, and her extensive dance collection gives plenty of variety to her programs! She loves experimenting with what will keep dancers movin, groovin, and learning to better communicate with their fellow dancers to create vibrant and safe community.